Globe Valve

  • PVDF Globe Valve
  • PVDF Globe Valve
  • PVDF Globe Valve
  • PVDF Globe Valve
PVDF Globe ValvePVDF Globe ValvePVDF Globe ValvePVDF Globe Valve

PVDF Globe Valve

  • Product description: Plastic Globe Valve,High Performance,Tight Shut Off,Bi-directional,Flanged,Wafer or Lug Style.suitable for chemical corrossion & temperature resistance.

Acid Transfers, Caustic & Chlor- Alkali, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment

Feature & Benefits:

* Valve body light weight, strong corrosion resistance

* Compact and beautiful appearance
* The body is light and easy to install
* High corrosion resistance, wide application range

SGS, GMC, CNAS ,EN BS1213:2003 Certificates for our products

Standard followed:

Manufacture and design GB/T 12238(center line)/API609
Nominal diameter DN25-200(mm)
Working pressure PN1.0MPa
Nominal pressure PN0.4-0.6MPa
Pressure test
150#, JIS10K,PN10


PTFE Max : 260°C

FEP Max : 204°C

PFA Max : 260°C

PVDF Max : 140°C

PO Max : 80°C

PE Max : 70°C

PP Max : 120°C

Techincal Data:

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