Magnetic Pump

  • CQB-F magnetic pump
CQB-F magnetic pump

CQB-F magnetic pump

  • Lining Material:FEP/PFA
  • Flow rate:0.6~120m³/h
  • Total different head:80M
  • Product description: Teflon lined magnetic pump have no leakage.

Teflon lined Magnetic Pump

1. Non-leakage
2. Magnetic drive
3. Small and simple structure

Magnetic Pump Advantages:
1. It is also called magnetic drive pump, using modern magnetic theory. Magnetic pumps adopt internal and external magnetic steel to delivery.
2. Non-leakage.

Chemical Industrial, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, Electroplate, Food and so on.
It is a good choice for strong acid and alkali, oil, heavy liquid, poison, volatile liquid.

Capacity: 15 to 450 l/min
Head: 2 to 80 m
Power: 0.025 to 30kw
Speed: 2900 r/min

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